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Our job

Press relations are our core business. Our know-how is based on our ability to emphasize the communications of our clients to make it audible and relevant to the targeted journalists.

We segment the client’s key messages and adapt them to the target press typologies. As an example, for one single press title we distribute key-messages according to journalists’ interests in order to reach different columns.
Our excellent knowledge of journalists and their expectations is a key factor for the efficiency and the success of your press relation campaigns.

> The values our clients appreciate

• Professionnalism
• Creativiyé
• Ethics
• Self discipline
• Humanity
  Focus on our know-how...

> A network

Les 100 ciels has developed partnerships with press relation agencies in different countries (UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Canada, etc…) to better coordinate international press campaigns.

Strategic speech formulation

    To emphasize the key-messages
If you want to be understood, you have to be understandable ! Through its proven methodology, Les 100 ciels helps its clients to bring their key-messages to the point to make it relevant from a journalist’s point of view.


Communication de crise

    To master your communication
Les 100 ciels becomes a trusted partner in defining the client’s strategy and to help react efficiently to any critical situation.

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